A Brief History of Prerana Society

Even if good training centers are available for the mentally challenged children in many cities in India, such facilities are just a dream for the majority of the villages of India. These facilities in the cities are unaffordable and inaccessible to the villages mainly because of their poverty.

When St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary came to Kalmeshwar, which is around 26 km away from Nagpur City in Maharashtra, we were able to understand the dire need of the villages around the Seminary, and as a response we started a school for the poor mentally challenged children close to the seminary. The Prerana Special School is functioning under Prerana multipurpose society, organized by St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary, as part of its various mission objectives.

Help to Help One Self is our Motto. The school is trying its best to develop the hidden potentialities of these students and help them to fulfill their life.

Staffing: ` Four dedicated teachers who have done special education training are employed full time to take care of the special needs children. Committed services of one part time psychologist/counselor, one social worker, one accountant, one driver, one cook, and two care takers, etc. are also noteworthy. Members of Prerana Society, majority of them being teachers of the Seminary also serve and support the school through their voluntary service.